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The Astonishing Power of Eye Tracking Technology… Without the High Costs


DIY Service

Managed service

Unlimited heat maps Data  √
Unlimited Recordings  √ √ 
Monthly page views  15,000 100,000 
Unlimited chat transcripts  √ √ 
Conversions funnels  √ √ 
Live visitor view  √ √ 
Polls  √ √ 
Monthly consulting   √ 
Monthly website conversion Audit   √ 
Monthly Facebook performance reports   √ 
Monthly Twitter performance reports   √ 
Monthly LinkedIn performance reports   √ 
Monthly Adwords performance reports   √ 
Monthly Organic performance reports   √ 
Dedicated Account Manager   √ 
Telephone support   √ 
Email support   √ 



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To sign up for this service, first hit the subscribe button below and choose which service you’d like (Do It Yourself or Managed).


Once you’ve subscribed for the service, send an email with a screenshot of your subscription to [email protected] confirming your subscription, and our team will be in touch with you shortly.


Because running User Insights requires custom code to be installed on your website, our friendly team is ready to help you set it up and needs that personal contact with you in order to properly set up the service and introduce you to how it works.

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